We havent been able to update recently because the internet at our hotel does not work anymore because someone, who we all know, looks at too much "innapropriate" websites. The last couple of days have been pretty good, except for the rain. We had Dan Bowhers and Anson Wellington show us a few spots around Brooklyn and Manhattan where we managed to get a few clips. They also brought us to ride the ramps at Post bike shop, which is Edwin Delarosa's shop, which where really tight but super fun to ride plus everyone at the shop was super chill and made us feel at home. So if you are coming down for the comp this weekend or just visiting make sure to stop at Post bike shop in brooklyn. Here are a few pictures that Volta took with his camera...

At Time Square in the rain

Vince and I checking a spot out

Voltah with a FJW

Vince with 360 of ledge

Table top

Get together in our huge hotel

1 foot table from walter
June 10, 2009

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