For the 52nd episode of our Unexpected Thursday series, the boys escaped the city and headed to a friend's cottage for the weekend. Surrounded by nothing but farms and small towns, the idea was to explore what kind of skateparks the area had to offer.

On Saturday, they spent most of their day riding a weird asphalt skatepark that ended up super fun. On Sunday, the plan was to go ride an old steel-covered skatepark that looked awesome, but once they got there they realized it had been torn down and a skate plaza was being built. Not only was the park destroyed, but it was also starting to rain, so they figured the best thing to do was to head back towards Montreal and ride in the evening as the rain was supposed to stop, which led to a fun session at the new Brossard Skatepark.

Sometimes, it doesn't take much more than a few homies and a random skatepark to have an awesome riding session! Make sure to Subscribe to The Rise on Youtube for more episodes like this.

September 02, 2021

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