As every winter, Jeremy Menduni headed to Spain and met up with Walter Mayerhofer to escape the harsh Canadian winter. Barcelona is the easy destination and a definite must for any rider, but this time, the boys wanted to try something new. Walter had previously visited some of the Canary Islands so he knew that the warm weather and good spots would make it for a solid winter escape. Next thing you know, Team 28 (referring to Walter and JJ’s age) packed up their The Rise Partymasters and headed to Tenerife!

The 48th episode of our Unexpected Thursday serie showcases all the riding the guys got up to on this beautiful volcanic Island. JJ and Walter want to give a big thank you to Fran Luis and all the locals for showing them all the spots, the best food places and simply for making them feel so welcomed. We’ll definitely be coming back!

Peep the video above and the photogallery below, both brought to you by the one and only Jeremy Menduni.

March 22, 2018

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