Widely established between beautiful fields, forests and a lake, The Brose Farm has this unique feeling of freedom and good vibes attached to it. We recently headed there for a weekend to ride Dirt Jumps, relax and have a good time and it was simply awesome.

We arrived on saturday and after some digging, we started riding. The big line wasn't ready yet, so we hit the smaller jumps at first. Shortly after, the grey sky started pouring rain on our heads but after Mud Rocker, the rain was no obstacle to a good session. It then started raining way too much to even consider going down the starter so we had to call it a day.

The next day, the weather was perfect and everybody was super stoked to hit the big line. We rode for as long as our bodies allowed us to, and Aidan Horn had one of the gnarliest crashes we've seen in a while! He took an hour off and somehow managed to ride just like nothing happened. Jeremy Menduni took care of filming everything and snapping some photos while Aidan Horn, Karl Southern, Michel Plonka, Sam Croots and Chris Poirier were shredding the place.

Huge thank to Josh Brose and the Brose family taking care of us and allowing us to ride our bikes on their jumps, you guys are the best! The Brose Farm also offers summer camps and various events so make sure to check them out on Facebook for all the infos!

Check out some photos of the weekend below, and feel free to give another watch to Our Previous Unexpected Thursday video!

    October 08, 2015

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