Last weekend quite a bunch of Montrealers headed to Matt Macduff's wonderful place to get together to ride some awesome vertwalls and jumps and to share a few beers together. I believe everybody had an awesome time, even if the jumps are hard to dial in in only one day. Richard the PhotoG was there and he got quite a good amount of pictures so we thought we would mix some with infos for you to read. Hit the read more link for more!

Matt has a pretty big land so everybody brought a tent and made himself comfy. When everybody showed up we had this kind of little tent village going on it was pretty fun.
Jeremy is injured because of a partially torn MCL, but he was down to come help empty some beers.
Marshall is always making sure all the jumps and everything are on point. Real man at work right there!
Stephane riding the little vertwall flow park thing. This thing has 3 super steep vertwalls with a hip in between, and it is seriously one of the best things ever to ride!
Michel had a great time sessionning those, just as everyone else.
This thing was so hard to dial in, everyone ended up eating dirt a couple times. Parapa putted in mad work!
Aint nothing wrong with a nice god picture once in a while.
Matt definitly understood how to ride his jumps. Sick dumped 360 right there!
The 2 Vincents had their crazy fimling gear, one time Jauvin went down the rope so fast and hit his back on the tree so hard it looks like he just broke his back but he started laughing and he was all good.
Parapa managed to ride the jumps pretty good and heres a 360.
Matt is the man.
Brayden is also pretty damn good at jumping!
Rich had some fun on the BBQ and made some awesome food while sipping on some beer.
Parapa is on a whole different level accoring to this picure!
This thing is so hard to hit properly, its awesome to see people throw tricks over it!
Simon riding the vertwalls
Louis throws a nice TBag in there.
Ryan with feet off his pedals
The night arrived and a fire appeared and some musicians showed up and everyone had a blast.
A bunch of stoked individuals! Party was on!
Such a great day! Everybody got to ride awesome suff and then a pretty good party went down!
Hungover Mattheo isnt too scared to ride his bike in his backyard the next morning. Just a little little picture of the people that were still there the next afternoon. Awesome time for sure!

July 18, 2011

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