Sam Pilgrim & The Rise riding in Austria

Sam has been killing it worldwide in dirt jumping contests and had an excellent 2010 season so we catched up with him to see how he's doing these days. Click the read more link for the interview!

Name: Sam Pilgrim
d.o.b: 04/06/90
Hometown: Colchester
Current location: Southhampton,UK
Years riding: 10
Sponsors: NSbikes, monster energy, adidas eyewear, halo wheels, TSG, mercedes-benz(vito sport)

Q: First of all, you must be proud of yourself as you obviously had a great 2010 season so I will congratulate you on this. What are you the more stoked on as for your 2010 riding season?

A: Thanks dude, yeah i was super happy with my 2010 results and i really loved the 6th in the world that i got, it gives me something to aim for in the 2011 season, i'd love to beat that and be higher ranked in the world!

Q: For the people out there that dont know much about you, who is Sam Pilgrim?

A: Im a fun guy who loves to ride bikes, i like all sorts of riding, street, park, slope and dirt but for sure my most loved is dirt jumping. Im 20 years young, i'm male and i'm from the UK! This Q sounds more like something from a dating site thing, not that i would know of course! haha

Photo by David Ulrich

Q: What got you into riding bikes in the first place?

A: My dad got me an MBUK magazine, which is a british bike mag and i loved the look of it so that must be where i got into it, it was like 10 years ago now!

Q: You recently made the switch from Diamondback to NS bikes. How do you feel about this so far? Did the fact that your good friend Martin recently parted ways with NS bikes kind of opened a door for you?

A: Yea im super stoked on riding for NS, i've always loved there stuff and now finally i can ride all their products which is sick! Martin still rides some NS parts like bars,stem and pedals so its cool we are still team mates!

Q: I am really curious about the Monster White style contest that recently went down. How is it to ride jumps this big made of snow? Does it hurts to miss tricks or you just wait and slide down it?

A: Yea this contest is always really strange, its super hard to ride on snow and its super cold! The cool thing about crashing on snow is that it doesn't really hurt because you just slide! In the end it is always a good fun comp, i always come back with sick memories from there!

Q: What is your bike setup right now and how do you like it?

A: Im running an NS majesty park frame which is so sick because it's mega short and its easy to throw around! My marzocchi forks are set up super hard with 4x lower's and 44 upper's to keep the weight down, I use halo chaos wheels, 170mm length gusset cranks and have a 27t front sprocket with hollow pin half link chain, I use KHE dirt tyres which are super lite and i have NS bars,stem and pedals and a hydraulic brake!

Q: When it comes to riding, what are your biggest influences and why?

A: BMX, i love watching riders like daniel dhers, corey bohan and garrett reynolds, but i saw a sick section from sean burns on anthem which makes me like him now too haha!!

Q: How do you manage to survive during winter time? Do you ride indoors, travel, …?

A: I just travel around and ride indoors aswell, as it happens i just got back from france that was sick!

Q: What would be a perfect day for you?

A: Wake up in california, eat a burrito, go surfing, then go riding somewhere rad, and then have a massive steak for dinner then possibly session a nightclub even though im to young in US!

Q: As a native UK resident, what do you think of The Beatles?

A: don't know about them so i think 'not much' of them!

Q: Do you have any plans for the near future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: In a mansion chilling!

Q: Where is the best place you travelled to so far and why?

A: California! I love the scene, its super chilled and just so good to have hot weather and amazing surf and amazing jumps in the winter!!

Q: I remember you released a good street video lately. What is your opinion on street riding? How woud you describe the street scene in your area?

A: Yea i love riding street, i like jumping off stuff, i really love all the bmx guys who do huge drops to flat, i would love to do some cool street lines soon in a new video! The street scene is pretty good near me, like in my town i only really ride with bmxer's and they love street so i end up cruising with them alot!

Q: If you dont mind me asking, what happened to Sam Pilgrim missing tooth?

A: I slid out up a roll-in, i can't exactly remember what i was trying but at least i was riding my bike and not a scooter or summit haha!!

Q: What are 5 websites you check on a regular basis?

A:Vitalbmx, Pinkbike, The Rise ;), Facebook and Hotmail!

Q: Is it confusing for you to drive to countries where you have to circulate on the right side of the road? Do you have any good anecdotes related to it?

A: Well i never drive to other countries until the last trip i did which i just came back from(france)! I have driven alot abroad though and i find it pretty easy, i just end up doing stupid stuff back when i drive in england!

Q: How would you compare America to Europe?

A: Its the same, but america speak an awesome language! haha

Q: What do you think of Crankworks? As the ramps and jumps are getting bigger and bigger every year, do you think it makes sense to go any bigger?

A: I don't wanna sound like a wimp but if it keeps getting bigger its just gonna end up not being fun, the crowds would see so many more sick tricks if the courses were a little smaller and safer to ride!

Q: How would your life be without biking?

A: It would suck, thats all i can say!

Q: Do you get injured a lot? What would be your worst injury so far and how did it happen?

A: No, i just learn't how to crash safely i think. Worst injury was my tooth!

Q: Are you into any other sports or hobbies worth sharing?

A: Motocross, well enduro but i love jumping my motorbike!

Q: Do you drink you tea with some milk in it? I personnaly think it tastes amazing, would you be kind enough to thank the UK for this when you have a chance please?
A: I dont drink tea!

Q: Tell us something surprising that we dont know about you.

A: Size 8 shoes US 9

Q: Who are your best travelling buddies?

A: I like all the guys from the contests i have become awesome friends with them, so i could travel with anyone!!

Q: What do you think about the way internet influences the biking world? Would you change something about it?

A: Internet rocks, it has made the sport very well known its making the sport grow for sure, danny mac's video is a fine example!

Q: Thanks a lot for your time Sam. Have a lot of fun on and off the bike if the future. Is there anything you would like to add/ any shout outs?

A: Thanks to my awesome parents and thanks to my awesome sponsors!



February 06, 2011

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