Louis has been killing it for a pretty long time now, with a very unique style mixed with huge tricks. After he recently won Quebec's biggest BMX contest earlier this year, we thought it would be interesting to find out more about him. Hit the read more link to see what the kid from Beauce is up to lately.

Name: Louis Pépin
Date of birth: november 21, 1991
Hometown: Saint-Benoît Labre
Current location: Saint-Benoît Labre
Years riding: 8 years
Sponsors: Primetime, 1664 and Fitbikeco

Q: Let's start this off the typical way. Introduce yourself in a couple lines to people that don't know about you.
A: I'm Louis Pepin, 20 years old and I ride Bmx since I'm 12 years old. I live in a small village called St-Benoît Labre near Quebec city. But, who says village says no cops...So that's why I got a motorcycle. Since I finished my highshcool I work in construction for my father's company called Tapisserie de Beauce. I ride for 1664/fitbikeco.

Q: Im not sure if there's a lot of bmxers in Beauce, but who are your best riding buddies?
A: Paco and Duco pizzeria dudes

Q: What is your opinion about the BMX scene in the province of Quebec?
A: We got the best sport scene in Quebec! When you are riding somewhere, you know that people are not talking shit about your style, your tricks or what you look like.. Those guys don't want to be uncomfortable or humiliated when they are riding.
Everybody looks to live with it and have fun everyday on their bikes. Im sure that's the only x-sport in Quebec that has this way of thinking, and i'm really proud to get this atmosphere when I ride.
You know its kind of a bunch of peacefull drunk dudes hahaha

Q: You recently won the Pepsi Pro-Am BMX contest in Montreal. Did you have anything planned riding-wise or did you just go there for fun?
A: Seriously, I was there just to ride with people and chill with my friends, that I had not seen for a long time. After the qualifications, I thought , "I didn't ride very well, im not in the finals, so let start drinking in the parking lot!". When I came back to Taz, my friends looked at me and said that I was on the finals list... :0 Oh fuck hahaha

Photo: Antoine Ratelle

Q: What influences you to ride the way you do?
A: I can say... maybe sktaters, friends and myself.

Q: What is your favorite trick and why?
A: 360s, cause it's easier than straight.

Q: Is there something you've always wanted to do on the bike but that just never worked for you?
A: I dont think so.. You know, if I really want to do something i'll do it a while later...But I would like to do as Mike used to do, 360 invert one foot to lookback! That's awesome.

Q: Is there a place you've always wanted to ride but didn't managed to go yet?
A: Probably Cali, Barcelona and trails in France.

Q: How do you get to ride during winter? I heard you have some kind of Barn setup in Beauce?
A:Yes, during three years, (2007, 2008 and 2009) I had something to ride in my father's warehouse. Then since 2009, I started to work with my father. Since I work for him, I never have time to build another one.

Q: Do you get injured a lot? What would be your worst injury so far?
A: I never broke my body, but I had a shitty bail that got me injured for 2-3 month and left me with a couple of skull fractures.. hahaha

Gap to icepick grind

Q: Would you change something about BMX if you could? What would you change and why?
A: I don't think the BMX world needs something else.. I cannot see...ohhh oh maybe 21 inch wheels to look as a chopper! hehe

Q: Are you happy with your Fit/1664 sponsorship? Do you have anything planned with them?
A:Yeeee for sure man, i'm very proud to ride for those guys. Everyone at 1664 loves his job and they do it pretty well. I also have a web edit coming out in february.

Q: With the apparition of the internet, there is without a doubt more and more kids that ride the same way and do the same tricks. What is BMX to you? How do you see it and what makes you enjoy being on your bike?
A: I guess thats a big evolution for young riders to grow up and push the sport. Otherwise you might have to learn the basic tricks but you must have to get fun on your bike first. That's the both sides now, have fun everyday and learn how to shred or do tricks till you can't remember that last trick you did. Maybe it's kind of a challenge but I prefer the simple one. Having fun, do what you wanna do and stay yourself to develop new and creative shredding directly from your mind. I'll tell you, almost half of my riding this summer, it was cruising in the streets and ride down some freak streets at full speed. That's what makes me alive on my bike!

360 transfer from spine to boxjump

Q: What are your hobbies aside from BMX?
A: I bought an Harley davidson softail springer 2006, so I'm riding it when I got time. I also started to play acoustic guitar and harmonica.

Q: May I ask how did your passion for motorcycles start? Does it have any effects on the way you see life?
A: When I was around 13-14 years old, my father took me to the Harley Party in my hometown, then I saw that motorcycles were fucking awesome. Every years, I return to this party to drink beer and check out the motorcycle burnouts.. Last winter, I worked and saved my money for my bike. This summer was the 17th edition and that was my first ride with those crazy ass dudes. We were around 800 riders cruising on the roads and partying all night long. I cannot say that it has an effect on my life but every time I grab my bike for a ride, I really feel that I'm free. I don't know if its a passion or something but I can imagine that it helps me to believe in freedom.

Q: How is you BMX bike built at the moment? Anything particular that you like about it?
A: I consider my bike as an lengthiness of my body...So it's must be strong and simple. Since I started to ride, I never had a bike strong like mine right now... But one thing I freak out about, is 1664 rims, they are soooo fucking tough. Talking about the 1664 cranks, no one never ever broke this part, even I! haha

Q: What would be your best bike-related memory?
A: In 2005, I went to central park in Trois-Rivière...For the first time, I was leaving my little town to go ride an indoor skatepark. Its was my really first ride in a great park! I met a couple of riders there, rode all day long and landed so many tricks..But you know what? My biggest trick was a 360 over the box jump... I was really happy, just as I am today when I land a 360 on something big.

Q: Do you have anything special planned for the near future riding-wise?
A: Not anything special, just to not get hurt and keep doing big 360s and crazy shit.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone getting into BMX?
A: Wear a helmet and ride fast!

Q: Any shout outs or people you want to thank?
A: Big Thanks to 1664 for sponsoring me and helping me that much, my girlfriend for supporting me, my friends, my parent/family, Louis-Thomas at Primetime and everyone that supports me.

Photo: Antoine Ratelle
November 30, 2011

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