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Alexander is a really solid rider from Russia and he dropped a bunch of amazing edits in the past few years. I never had the chance to meet him in person, but heres a little interview we did with him and he seems like a really chill dude. Hit the read more link for the interview!

Name: Alexander Belevskiy
date of birth: 18.11.1987
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Current location: Russia
Years riding: 8 years
Sponsors: Nike 6.0, EFX, Veloprobeg, Bench and Dartmoor bikes.

Nollie barspin. Photo by Huns

Q:Lets start off with a typical question. How did you get into riding bicycles?
A: Once in winter my friend and I was walking in the forest , where we were rolled on paperboard on the slopes, having fun and accidently found dirt park where only mountain riders were. I was attracted by their bicycles and how did they jump on them. I hadn't seen such tricks before. It was love at first sight :). I was thinking about bicycles all the time. I took my mother to see that place and drop a hint that I was really interested in this and wanted a bike like that. Unfortunately she said that we hadn't enough money for it. So I started to work and collected money for my little dream. After a year I finally bought it and everything had started!

Q:Russia seems to have loads of really talented riders. How is the riding scene in your area?
A:There is a great deal OF GOOD RIDERS IN Russia. Every year I'm always surprised by the progress they make, despite the fact that we lack good parks and riding spots. Recently Russian riders made a great opening for their selves. We started to adapt to our spots, to ride in our own style.

Q:You dropped some really good web videos in the last couple years, with lots of tricks that I never saw before on big wheels. What motivates you to keep progressing?
A: I cant say that something motivates me, I just enjoy riding.

360 tabletop. Photo by Ivan Adreanov

Q:What do you do in life aside from bike riding?
A: Now I'm going in postgraduate studies, working on the methodical basics in BMX freestyle. As I could say going info science.

Q:Do you travel alot to ride bikes? What is the best place you've been to ride so far?
A:I travel not as much as I'd like to. Basically among Russia. Everything depends on financing and in our country we have problems with that. The best place I ever been in Russia is the south. There are about 20 bmx parks. Real paradise for riders!

Q: In a couple words, how would you describe Russia?
A: There's such a russian idiom: " Russia cannot be understood by the mind ".

Q: How do you see the next couple years of your life?
A: I don't like to look ahead. I will keep up doing my scientific work. Also I want to learn English - very difficuly without it. I Also want to travel as much as possible among Europe and the USA with my comrades)))

Q: Tell us something we dont know about you that would surprise us.
A: Before biking I was doing info mixed fighting for 7 years. Was the champion among juniors in Russia. Also ,not long ago, I tried myself as a model.

Q: Beer or vodka?
A: Lately I abstain from alcohol.

Q: Who are your favorite riding buddies?
A: I like to ride on dirt with Max LS , Strizhak and other freids. In the park with another team: Anton Evstifeef, Misha Rostomian, Danila Grishin and Pirate.

Whip to fakie. Photo by Ivan Adreanov

Q: How is the winter for you ridingwise? Any good indoor parks close to you location?
A: There are only 2 covered parks in Moscow. The first one is too expensive to frequently ride it. The other one is overcrowded. That's why we have to ride on dirts like in old times for 2-3 hours and go home frostbitten!

Q:What is your best bike-related memory?
A: The first thing which came to my mind is the trip to Z-games to Kazantip. The week of tough spree at the sea with a bunch of friends and dirt contest, sleeping for 2-3 hours. It's difficult to describe what was really. The cocktail of vodka plus sea.

Cannonball. Photo by Huns

Q: How would your life look like without biking?
A: I don't know. I can't imagine myself without friends whom I have known due to biking.

Q: Did you ever get a serious injury or you have been lucky so far?
A: Last autumn I broke a leg. The fracture was not very serious and I continued riding soon.
This autumn I torned shoulder (ligament). After 5 weeks started to ride and torned it again.
The finger got into the brake disc (cut the finger pad) Now the finger is approximately grown.
Now gaining the shape - running, swinging shoulders , going to mixed fighting.

Q: What/who influences your riding the most?
A: The mountain bike culture influenced me and a strong desire to ride!
Q: What is you opinion about the internet bicycle world?
A: The good side of internet is that it shows online level of mountain bike - doesn't make you relax and stimulates the progress.
The bad side is that riders copy each other without inventing tricks by themselves.

Here is Alexander's latest edit:

January 25, 2011

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