We've been waiting on this one for quite a while now, and it was damn worth it. It is an honor for us to announce that UK's finest street surgeon officially joins The Rise! Over the last 10 years or so, Tom made a name for himself by constantly delivering flawless videos showcasing his unique approach in the streets. It's been great to witness his evolution, and once we met him it was only natural to add such a talented and genuine man to our team. Originally from Sheffield UK, Tom recently made the move to Barcelona which offers more street spots than one can ask for. Here' a few words from Tom about the situation:  

"I could not be happier to officially be joining The Rise, these are the people I’ve looked up for years, it’s an honor and a dream come true to be part of this family. I finally managed to make the move out to Barcelona, starting a new life amid covid restrictions we managed to get out filming this piece. Filmed over the last 7 months in the spot capital of the world. Happy with how it has turned out, my vision of riding and just having fun on the bike. Shout out to everyone who helped film and motivate - Walter, Jonas, Guille Lyon, Max Bergmann and Fran Luis <3  Hope you enjoy." - Tom Kilcoyne

Welcome to the team Tom ! 

February 10, 2021

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