Another awesome year is coming to an end, safe to say 2015 was one hell of a ride! A lot of things happened, both good and bad, but in the end, everyone can turn this page with a smile on his face. It's crazy to think we are all a year older than the last time I wrote this, but the fun times and insane sessions don't show any sign of slowing down! I feel blessed to have such a great group of talented people making The Rise what it is, and I can't thank y'all enough for supporting what we do! So let's get started with a little recap of 2015! Back in May, we recieved a text message from Jeremy Menduni's girlfried saying that he fell on his head and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors couldn't tell how bad it was because his face was too swollen. With such lack of details, it was without a doubt the worst moment of the year for us. The next day, we learned that his crash left him with 8 face fractures and a broken nose. But, since he's a fuckin' Boss, Jeremy handled his recovery like a champion and even managed to drop a video couple months ago! Words can't describe how stoked we are to have him back in shape and riding again! You can read about his accident and watch his video below: The Story Behind Jeremy's Face Injury Jeremy Menduni's 2015 Video After a year off the bike due to knee surgery, it was good to see Michel Plonka get back on 2 wheels! He quickly got his bike control back and appeared in a bunch of videos which you can check out below. Good to have you back homie! And since we're talking about injuries, Aidan Horn recently broke his wrist pretty bad. Make sure to Send him some Positive Vibes and give another watch to his Welcome to Industry Nine Video while you're at it! Heal up soon Aidan! Now let's get started with the good stuff that happened! Here are our best videos of the year in no particular order. Grab youself a cold one and enjoy! Plonka & Macduff at Dew Underground: Plonka and Macduff head to Dew underground Skatepark for a quick session. Lake Jump Party: The Rise and Ibike teamed up for the best Party of the year! Walter Mayerhofer in Portugal: Walter shreds a skatepark on a trip to Portugal Menduni & Plonka at Epic: Menduni and Plonka have a session at Epic Bikepark in Ottawa. Matt Macduff - Hit The Roof: Matt shreds Joyride like never before and even hits the roof! John New 2015: Johannes Neuhauser doing his thing better than ever! Review Bazooka 3 and Review Bazooka 4: The best funniest review videos you'll ever watch! Unexpected Thursday 39: The crew rides the Brose Farm in Ontario Unexpected Thursday 40: Montreal Street Riding from the boys! Matt Macduff Shutting Down BCN: Probably the craziest Street MTB video to this date. Mud Rocker 2015: TV Show about Montreal's Dirt Jump event We've also released two pretty sick new series this year: Barcelona Days: The crew meeting up in Barcelona to Shred! Send It: Matt Macduff brought 2 kids to his training facility to teach them the life So here it is! An awesome year is coming to an end and we couldn't be more stoked with what we accomplished. Once again, thanks to y'all for supporting The Rise and what we do! We hope you're ready for 2016 because we are, and theres some crazy shit on the way so stay tuned! See y'all next year!
January 01, 2016

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