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Another cool update from Vincent Allard.Its not bike related but whatever, check it out:

Two weeks ago, Simon Villeneuve rang me to let me know that their will be a video contest at a ski resort up north december the 20th. The idea was quite simple. A production crew would follow a ski crew for a day. We could hit a special rail park that was designed for the event itself and we could also film everywhere else on the mountain. Our team, the Allweknow team, was composed of Simon Villeneuve as b camera operator, Micheal Hill as the photog, and me as the main camera operator and editor.

The day started early, around 4 am because I had to pack my things and get Micheal at his house. We drove to La Réserve, where the contest was, to meet with Simon and the rest of the team. The idea was quite simple, for the first part of the day, we would follow the guys all around the mountain and the second part of the day, we would hike to the snowpark.

The first thing we spotted was a gap over a rock that had a good ten feet of drop after it. They fired it up quite early. After that, we split up. I would follow Guillaume, Greg and their buddy Mike till lunch. We got some really decent clips and we went to eat lunch.

After the lunchbreak, we went to the snowpark to jam with the other teams. The quality of the footage wasn’t as good as before the lunchbreak because the sun was behind the mountain. We filmed a bit at the park and we moved on to the handrail. Guillaume stomped it pretty clean.

After the handrail, we had to edit. I had like 3 hours to edit 15 minutes of footage on a 3 minutes song. No need to say that i was pretty rushed up. I managed to make it in time. We watched all the edits. Judges decided that mine was the best so we won the video contest.

Overall, it was a pretty fun day. It was my first time shooting skiing and doing those kind of contest. I couldn’t ask for more. The day ended up at Wendys where we ate a couple of hamburgers. Very naice!

Photocred goes to Michael Hill. You can check out more of his amazing work by clicking this link.
December 23, 2008

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