Product Description

After being contacted repetedly by Health Canada, The Rise Bicycles inc. is recalling all clothing and accessories sold between august 2009 and march 2016. This recall affects all The Rise branded clothing sold via online stores and bicycle shops in all countries.

Numbers Sold

Approximately 7 380 affected branded units were sold worldwide through clothing stores, other retailers, and online websites including

Hazard Identified

Clothing and accessories with The Rise Bicycles inc. branding have been reported to disrupt the female's autonomic nervous system (ANS) causing involuntary contraction of muscles resulting in hysteria attacks and physical hypertermia.

The Rise Bicycles inc. and Health Canada received 9 reports of incidents resulting in injuries and destruction of public property.

There were 3 incident reports stating that teenage girls have been repeatedly "losing their shit" when a boy entered the classroom wearing The Rise branded clothing, and 4 reports stated women at various nightclubs started "trippin' the fuck out" and "ripping their clothes off like crazy bitches" when a male entered the facility wearing a The Rise T-shirt. It was also reported that 2 individuals were rushed to the hospital after nearly suffocating from getting squeezed in between a group of hysterical naked women on the streets.

What Should You Do?

If you are in possession of The Rise Bicycles inc. branded products, you shoud wear that shit every fuckin' day. If you don't own any yet or if you wanna cop some more, hit up our Online Store and use promo code APRILFOOLS to get 20% OFF ALL CLOTHING at checkout, effective April 1st only!

Now, you can't say we didn't warn you. It doesn't matter if you are at school or at the club, you should always wear your helmet and safety gear when wearing The Rise products! Oh, and when you ride aswell.

Get Your Swag Right !
April 01, 2016

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