Around 2 weeks ago, we released An Interesting Video suggesting that we might be up to something a little different from what we usually do. We always had this idea floating in our heads and over the last few years, we worked hard and finally made it happen. Today, we are pumped to make our biggest announcement to this date. Read our official press release below or jump straight to the Partymaster page!

Montreal, Canada – February, 2016

After making a name for themselves in the Freestyle MTB scene over the last 8 years, The Rise is proud to introduce the Partymaster; a freestyle MTB frame proudly Handmade in Canada! Secretly tested over the last 2 years by professional riders Matt Macduff and Michel Plonka, the Partymaster is more than ready to satisfy any rider’s needs.

While riding for various bicycle companies over the last 10 years, The Rise crew felt like there was disconnection within the industry and the riders, and they felt they had to do something about it. While big companies have little interest invested in riders who aren’t participating in competitions. The rise always has, and always will be a people’s community, dedicated rather to displaying the fun aspect of biking, and the community behind it, all the while keeping the younger generation motivated to simply get out and have a good time. As of 2016, The Rise is proud to kick off the season as a bicycle company still guided by that very same mentality.

Since it was really important for The Rise to have their frames made locally by passionate people they could trust, the Partymaster frame is proudly Handmade in Canada by long-time friends at Altruiste Bikes. With over 10 years of frame building experience, Altruiste’s quality of craftsmanship combined with meticulous attention to detail makes each frame a real piece of art, and that’s exactly what a bicycle should be. The Partymaster frame is made of High-Quality American-Made chromoly tubing from TrueTemper. Since each frame is lovingly made individually by hand, they control the entire production process, from the cutting of the tubing to welding. Having the tubing fit perfectly together and painstakingly precise welding further augments the overall durability of the frame.

When designing the Partymaster frame, The Rise crew sat down to brainstorm about what matters the most on a good frame, and surprisingly, everyone was on the same page: long top tube, short chain stays and a lot of tire clearance. They wanted a bike that would be light, strong, and versatile enough to ride anything from curbs to 50-foot jumps, and they nailed it! The machined 44mm Headtube offers the option to use either straight or tapered steertube forks. The frame uses a Mid Bottom Bracket, which is the strongest, cheapest and most reliable BB option on the market. It has a rear wheel spacing of 135X10mm with IS disc brake mounts which allows you to choose from a wide selection of hubs while keeping the rear end extremely stiff. A long 22.7" top tube makes the bike particularly stable at high speed while short 14.8" chainstays keep the bike responsive for the most technical riding. To make it simple; The Partymaster is one of the strongest and most versatile Freestyle MTB frames available.

The Partymaster is now available for pre-orders in Canada and the USA exclusively through The Rise’s Online Shop. The Rise is currently looking for distributors and resellers around the globe, feel free to Contact Them for more information.

The Rise is a rider founded, owned and operated bicycle company based in Montreal, Canada. Follow The Rise to stay up to date with their activities!

February 25, 2016

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