While Canada, Austria and Russia are covered in feet of snow, it is no secret that one of the best destinations for any street rider is the beautiful Barcelona. It's got it all: beautiful spots, beaches, great food and amazing nightlife! No need to tell you where The Rise crew headed last winter to fulfill their need of riding some concrete! Hit the Read More link for some words laced with pictures of the trip!
The trip started when Walter Mayerhofer arrived to BCN with some friends to join Matt Macduff and Pavel Alekhin. Couple hours later, everyone is having a beer while catching up with eatch other around Pavel's shisha. Then, the local amigos Ale and Charlie came over and everyone headed to the Jamboree! for Hip Hop night.

The next morning, it was time to head outside to get familiar with the spanish streets which worked out pretty good as they already started stacking some clips. Matt did the craziest canadian footjam on one of Barcelona's most popular spots and Pavel also stacked some insane clips which are not in this video because he kept them for his Cherry Bomb serie so make sure you keep an eye on that!

The second day, they woke up at 6 am and headed to La Poma because it's the only time when there's no wind at all. Everything started off awesome and a good session went down until Walter did a casual 360 on the last jump and somehow snapped his fork which sent his head straight to the ground. Luckily, the landing was pretty soft and he landed kind of sideways which helped a bit but he still headed to the hospital to make sure everything is fine. Even though the doctors told him to take it easy for a couple days, Walter was stoked on how things turned out since this crash could have been so much worse!

For the upcoming days, Walter took it easy and concentrated his efforts behind the camera. He filmed Matt's Bikecheck video and kept stacking clips with all the boys. A lot of partying went down which slowed down the filming a bit but you know, this is all part of the Barcelona experience! In between the riding and parties, they relaxed at the appartment with a good shisha from the Sishamaster aka Pavel and some counterstrike sessions went down but Pavel plays way too good for everyone. Pavel had to leave to the mountains for a couple days and when he came back he hooked Walter up with an old Rock Shox that he borrowed from a friend, so Walter was good to go and managed to get some more riding done.

Finally, they headed for another filming session which was really productive for everyone! They decided to wrap it up with a drink at some bar but somehow ended up drinking Absinth which kicked in like crazy, just like their high kick competition! They kept the mayhem going by climbing up some trees and cutting some hair which was not the best idea but who cares. All in all everyone had a blast on this cold-escaping vacation in the Beautiful Barcelona, can't go wrong with some good people and good parties!
Big thanks to everyone making this possible, especially to the Barcelona homies Charlie and Ale! Can't wait for the next BCN experience!
June 06, 2013

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