It's always when I write this post that I realise how fast time goes by, and it always feels like I wrote the one from last year only weeks ago. Then, it gets me thinking about how much fun we've had in the past 12 months, wether it was riding bikes, stacking clips, eating shit, getting injured, bleeding, partying or whatever else we did. It is always a blast to have such a fun crew to ride and go on trips with, and thanks to every single one of you for watching our videos and supporting The Rise! This being said, we hope you had as much fun as we did in 2013 and we wish y'all nothing but the best for 2014!

Here's a list of all the stuff we released this year, in no particular order. Grab yourself a drink and give your favorite videos another watch!

Rider's Videos:

Matt Macduff in Halifax
John New Welcome edit
Jeremy Menduni Skatepark edit
Kent Woods Bikecheck Video
Michel Plonka ILL Bike runs
Matt Macduff - Welcome to Octane One
Jeremy Menduni 2013 edit
John New 2013 edit
Walter Mayerhofer 2013 edit
John New Bikecheck edit
Walter Mayerhofer Winter edit
5 Clips with Walter Mayerhofer
Walter vs. John B.I.K.E Game
Michel Plonka 4 Clips edit
Matt Macduff Civil Savage

Trip Videos:

Ohio Tour pt. 1
Ohio tour pt. 2
The Rise Street Jam
Croteau & Parappa at Joyride
The Rise at the Ghetto Playground
The Rise Barcelona invierno
Lhomel & Plonka in Boucherville

Matt had his Off The Hook serie going on earlier this year and released 7 episodes:

One, Two, Tree, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Interviews and Articles

Anton Ö. Arnarson
Matt Macduff
Pavel Alekhin Vishneviy

Bicycle vs. Apartments

And last but not least, probably the most entertaining / stupid video we made this year:

Cooking for Santa Clauz

Also, note that Matt's Project Breathe Easy got slightly delayed but will be released soon, so keep an eye open for that!

Once again, Thanks to everyone for supporting what we do, the upcoming year is definitely going to be interesting! Stay tuned, and happy new year!
December 31, 2013

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