The Rise is proud to announce their upcoming Web Serie documenting the 2018 Partymaster Tour. Directed by Louis Lhomel, the serie follows 10 of the best Freestyle Mountain Biking athletes as they hit the road for 16 days, throwing events at unusual locations while mixing Bike Riding with Live Rock music. With such a group of talented adrenaline junkies traveling inside a custom Bus, this epic journey brings nothing short of gnarly Bike Riding, rowdy Rock Shows and good times.

The Partymaster Tour consists of the whole The Rise Freestyle Mountain Biking Team touring around Quebec and Ontario with their bikes, camping gear and enough sound equipment to set up a professional Rock Show at any given location. Documenting every aspect of the tour, from the riding to the shows with all the mayhem in between, The 2018 Partymaster Tour Web Serie is an all-access pass into the bowels of this crazy adventure. Excitement, fear, passion, struggle and much more all capped in a multi-episode serie that is sure to motivate you to get out there and raise the bar! The Partymaster Tour is not your usual roadtrip; the crew spent months preparing multiple events dispersed along their 16-day itinerary, partnering up with various local businesses such as bicycle shops, bike parks, music bands and venues. Their mission is to bring people together at one-of-a-kind happenings where Freestyle Bike Riding unites with Live Music and the response has been beautiful.

By creating these unique events, The Rise is leading the scene in their very own direction and does it with remarkable ability. With the support of Industry Nine, Trou du Diable microbrewery, Jagermeister and Lama Cycles, the Partymaster Tour carries an unexplainable good vibe propice to unique experiences that are guaranteed to be long remembered.

The Serie is set to premiere early 2019, stay tuned!
November 15, 2018

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