So yeah, we went to the bar tonight and I forgot my keys, so I couldnt lock my bike and smart as I an I decided to hide it somehere (wich usually works)and three hours later next thing you know, it wasnt there anymore... Heres the latest picture i have of it... The only difference is that it has ns dirstrict 3.5" bars on it now... Heres a part list:
Dobermann molosse frame (cutted right dropout for grinds)
Dob rigid forks
animal stem (sliced front car thing)
kenda npj tires
old primo balance seat
Fly ruben grips with parends
LHD profile cranks with heavy khe chain(pretty messed up)
The whole bike is a mix of black/flat black

If you know anything about this bike please let me know!!!! Fuck my life.
November 04, 2010

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