Ive heard about this brand new park located on the south shore of Montreal so I went to check it out. It is a really rare thing in the province of Quebec to have parks that are not prefab crap, so this seemed to be pretty interesting from what people told me. Click the Read More link for a little review about the place.

First of, the place isnt really bike friendly as you can tell... There is no other way to get a bike in there than to pass it over the fence, which isnt hard at all, but the idea of such a tight entrance really disappointed me. The park itself is pretty fun, if you are into small grinding and manual action there is definitly something there that you will enjoy. It is fun to ride something different than the same prefab ramps that are everywhere.

There is a bank to bank hip that is super mellow, set of stairs with decent rails, definitly a nice setup to practice some grinding action

This hip is pretty fun, but the lack of flow of the park makes it wierd to ride. Overall, I think this park is probably better than the average parks in small towns, but its definitly not worth 200 000 dollars, as it apparently costed. The park has lights, so I believe it is open until 11pm. Another thing is that the park is located right by a school, so during school hours (until 4pm pretty much) there is absolutely nobody, except during their breaks, about 30 kids with skateboards run in and get the more they can during their 10 minutes. The park is located right by the Polybel Highschool in Beloeil (Blvd. Yvon L'Heureux N / Rue de Lévis).
September 29, 2011

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