As you might already know, there's a new indoor Bikepark being built in Zurich, Ontario. There wasn't much information about it online yet so I decided to ask a local rider that helps to run the place for some more info. The place isn't completely ready yet but it looks like it's going to be interesting. Hit the Read More link for to find out more!Q: Can you introduce All In Bikepark in a sentence or two?A: All In Bike Club is the best little park in Southwestern Ontario. I'm super stoked on having a nice park that's close to home. Q: For how long has the project been in the works?A: From what I know, it has been in the work since last November. So, about 6-7 months. Q: How long ago did you guys start building, and when will everything be done?A: The building started in early January. The park is pretty much finished and we are going to be fully operational within the next few weeks. Q: How big is the park, and what are the main sections?A: The park is around 30,000 sq. ft. It includes a main lobby complete with a few arcade games, a pump track which is super fun, a jump area (box jumps, spines, spox jumps, quarter pipes etc.), a street section (rails, boxes, ledges, banks, etc), a mini-pipe, and a XC loop. Q: How can riders get in touch with the park for any information regarding prices, opening hours, address and all that stuff?A:As of now, the best way to get in touch is through their Facebook page or they could keep in touch with our local BMX page on Facebook. We post a bunch of stuff about the park. Q: Are there any special rules people should be aware of before going?A: Just the usual rules. Must have a helmet and a signed waiver to ride. But... starting on Saturday the 20th, every weekend All In will be opening at 9am instead of 11am. From 9am to 2pm will be scooters ONLY and from 2pm to close will be bikes ONLY. They have decided to change this for safety reason. (The park is getting crowded and there is a risk of collision.)Q: Who is the man in charge of this whole project, and how could anyone interested in doing business get in touch with him?A: The man in charge would be the owner, Dave Smith. You can contact him through their Facebook page. Or, you can contact me through TOE BMX. Q: Is there going to be an event for the Official opening? If yes, when?A: As of now, they are still working on getting a few things done and wrapped up before they worry about opening day. Q: Is there anything special planned for the future?A: There will most likely be a few bike/scooter jams and maybe a few contests. Other than that, the park will probably change every couple of years. Here's a little video of the park:
April 18, 2013

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