Right now were in some town that has nice trails and we hope its nice outside tomorrow so we can ride them, if its raining we will head to Rye Airfield wich is like 1 or 2 hours away. The Thrashbike jam was fun, Im not sure about the results tho. Im pretty sure Adam Hauck won and the Matts (White and Jamieson) did good too. Oh and someone just told me Rocco (wich tailwhipped all the way down the whole bank) was second. Adam rode good as usual with tricks like wall to whip and huge walltaps and many other stunts I dont remember right now. Oh and some forgiven "woohwoohwoohwooh" 's. Matt Jamieson did a nice alleyoop 180 over the handrail on the stairset and Matt White did a flair on the quarter and other cool stuff. No one from our "crew" did too good, I guess its because a few of us have been drinking beer on the roof of the hotel till the sun woke up but whatever. Im my opinion last year's comp was way better but whatever, everyone still had a lot of fun and the party at the Post bikeshop was really fun. We were really stoked when we found good beer from Quebec in a close by corner store! I want to thank the guys at Thrashbike dot com for organising cool events like this one and the guys at Dobermann for helping us out with everything. I posted a couple pictures and now its bedtime to hopefully ride cool jumps tomorrow!
June 16, 2009

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