Barcelona is definitely well known amongst riders for its unreal street spots! The only downside is that with so many riders visiting these places they start to feel blown out and hard to reimagine for new tricks. That said, Barcelona has some wicked neighbouring cities that are just a quick train away and have some equally mind blowing and lesser known spots to ride.

Mataró was one of these cities that the guys hadn’t made it out to explore before. Upon their arrival they found some great street spots and were able to shoot some clips (stay tuned for those!). Another hidden gem was this bowl park! The lighting was just right, the vibes were on high, so Jeremy grabbed his camera and started snapping. Enjoy a few of these snaps from a two hour skatepark sesh with Jeremy Menduni, Walter Mayerhofer, Tom Kilcoyne and Max Leitner between the street clips from Mataró!

Brought to you by Jeremy Menduni

May 04, 2023

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