Vishneviy is a Russian rider that has been pulling really crazy stuff for a while now. He accepted to do a little interview so people can know a bit more about this Russian shredder. Hit the Read More link to read the interview!

Full name: Pavel Alyokhin aka “vishneviy”
current hometown: Moscow
Sponsors: Blackmarket bikes, Nike 6.0, Velvet forks and Eclat bmx parts

Q: Here goes your introductions. Who are you, where are you from and what are you into?
A: I live in the capital of Russia, in Moscow. I’m a student of Moscow Industrial University : )

Q: For how long have you been riding?
A: Since spring of 2005 (4,5 years)

Q: What would be your best bike-related memories?
A: Sleeping all night in the gap of the first double in funny Clothes with a cheap Siberian food.

Q: what is your favorite stuff to ride and why (dirt, park, street, ...)?
A: I don’t know, really. I think at spring and autumn I like to jump at the dirts, because I think it’s ideal temperature for riding trails. In the summer and winter I like park and some street, because there is nobody on the dry hot trails)))

Q: The russian biking scene seems to be really big and crazy! How would you describe it?
A: There are so much really talented people in the riding scene in Russia. Some of them even have no fear at all. If we get more really good parks and dirts, I think the Russian level will become more powerful : )

Q: How is the weather where you live? Where do you ride in winter?
A: Right now the weather sucks soo much, that I haven’t rode my bike for few weeks. It’s a big luck for us that sometimes we have special organized nightrides at the skate technical skatepark, which is only for skaters.

Q: Do you Russians really drink that much Vodka?
A: Haha, I don’t think that we drink it as much as you think ;)

Q: We saw so much good footage from you lately! How do you learn all your flip variations and flairs? Do you ride foampits at all?
A: Haha no. I don’t like it. Flip whip and flip superman I have learned at the dirt in winter. I have landed flair 2 years ago and just half year ago I tried to do it everywhere.

Q: Talking about footage, I just saw the VVC force 09 trailer: anything you can tell us about it? Have you been filming a lot for it?
A: I like it. I can say that at first, I filmed for it just few times, and second, that there will be no park riding there, at all.

Q: Do you practice any other sports aside from biking?
A: Haha no, only crazy party dancing ;)

Q: If you would have never got into biking, how do you think your life would look like right now?
A: Hmmm. I can’t imagine myself without a bike, but I think that I can study well and maybe have a progress in learning economics.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: Have even more pleasure from riding and travel a lot.

Q: Where does your nickname (Vishneviy) came from?
A: One day during a bike ride, I, with my close friends, got to our first spot and decided to invent ourselves nicknames. I was in a cherry colour jacket and they call me "cherry" (vishneviy in Russian) =)

Q: Anything else you would like to add?
A: Have fun every day from all you see around! Stay positive!

November 21, 2009



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