The lucky winner of the giveaway with his new Partymaster V2: Ollie Dewe !


That's right, here is your chance to WIN a brand new Partymaster V2 frame!

How to Enter:

- Order Anything from our Website. Each product ordered gives you 1 Coupon for the Giveaway.

- You have until November 10th 11:59 EST to place orders and Enter the Giveaway. The winner will be announced on November 11th. 

Yes, the rules are pretty straight forward. If you order 1 product, you get 1 coupon. Order 5 Products, get 5 Coupons, simple as that.

On November 11th, we will go on Instagram Live and prepare all the coupons accorded to every participants. We will then proceed to a Live Draw to find out who is the lucky winner of a brand new The Rise Partymaster V2 frame!

The Giveaway is open Worldwide, shipping & customs fees will be covered by The Rise. That means if you WIN the frame, you get the frame ABSOLUTELY FREE. No bullshit!  



*Color may vary depending on availability*

October 25, 2022


justin prado said:

i hope i winnn❤️

Martin robert said:

Time to change my old .243 racing

Jonathan Alexis Escobar Molina said:

I would love to win that frame, because I need it and it would make me very happy.
greetings from Mexico🇲🇽

Jessy said:

Time to change my old dobermann pinscher hehe

Thierry Arsenault said:


Tibet said:


Wayne said:

The best

mikael bahr said:

put 4k into a 2k15’ zircus frame when i was younger. this frame would look a hell of a lot better with all those parts haha

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