NY_B is the result of a 10-day Roadtrip from Montreal to New York City & Boston with a simple goal: Ride Street all day, every day. It had been a minute since we went on a good old biking trip with the crew, we did the Partymaster Tours 3 years in a row until Covid hit and pretty much put traveling on hold for everyone. When we started planning for this trip, we decided to take a different approach, to keep it more simple. We found dates that worked for everyone, got the good old The Rise Bus up and running and hit the road in direction of Street Riding's birth place: New York City. We settled in an airbnb and rode street all day, everyday. It was amazing.

Directed by Louis Lhomel, this 17-minute film features riding from Walter Mayerhofer, Tom Kilcoyne, Louis Lhomel, Michel Plonka, Jeremy Menduni, Niklas Tilk, Ben Desjardins and Anson Wellington.

Video by Louis Lhomel
Photos by Jeremy Menduni

On the way back, we decided to stop in Boston for a few days and see what it had to offer. The initial plan was to spend the 2 last days of the trip camping in Vermont, but the Boston streets had so much to offer that we extended our stay there instead. The weather in Boston was way colder than in NYC, you can't really tell by watching the video, but getting warmed up on some of those days was brutal! Luckily we had an awesome crew and the good vibes were flowing and so did the riding.

When we decided to extend our stay in Boston, there was no affordable lodging left in the city, so we settled in Hampton Beach for 2 days and would drive to Boston and back everyday. Looking back it was an awesome ending to the trip, having the luxury to go for a cold swim in the morning starts the day just right!

Thanks to the boys for making this a memorable trip. It's not always easy to all get together but it is damn worth it everytime. Until the next one!
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February 26, 2023

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