Today, we're proud to present the long-awaited Welcome to The Rise video by our latest addition; Max Otzelberger! Straight out of Roth, the Giant German can flick his bike around with so much ease that it is truly impressive to witness in real life, and he's even nicer of a person once he steps off it. We are very proud to add such a genuinely passionate human being to our family and we can't wait to see what the future holds for Max Otzelberger. Make sure to watch the video above to see on what level he's on, then read the paragraph below where he explains what it means for him to be involved with The Rise. You can also have a look at his Profile Page for more.

“Many years back I had a dream. When I started riding bikes, all I did was riding Dirt Jumps and watching videos on the tube. Then I came across a video of The Rise and it immediately inspired me to go out and even ride the smallest curb I could find in my hometown. I looked up to them and wanted to join them one day. I stayed motivated all the years, the first person I got to know was Aidan, who told me just to keep doing my thing and it will happen. A few years later I got an invite for the Partymaster Tour, had the best time of my life and since then it’s written in the books. I am very proud to call all the guys at The Rise not only my team, but my family. Stoked for everything that's coming.” - Max Otzelberger

Welcome to the team Max !

January 27, 2021

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