After breaking the internet and going viral with his last build mainly due to the eye-catching pink tires, Jeremy Menduni recently made a few notable changes to his beloved Partymaster V2. The main reason behind these upgrades is an attempt at reducing his bike's weight, and the tires were a good place to start in his case. Not to take anything away from the Cult X Vans tires, but at 890 grams each, it's a good starting point to cut off a few grams. For a rider like JJ, choosing the right tire is slightly harder than for the average Freestyle MTB rider, and that is because of grinds, which Jeremy happens to be a fan of. The problem with grinds is that you need a tire with a very solid and thick sidewalls, otherwise the tire will cut open as soon as you grind on a rowdy surface. But with thick and strong also comes weight, and that's why it's hard to pick the right tool for the job.

For the rear tire, he decided to try out the Fiction Atlas which checks all the boxes, and comes in at 819 grams. As for the front tire, sidewall thickness isn't needed there for Jeremy's type of riding, so he went for the good old Maxxis DTH which comes in at 570 grams. And then comes the cherry on top of the cake; the Tubolito inner tubes. A typical 26" inner tube usually weights over 200 grams, a Tubolito weigths only 78 grams!

No need to get your calculator out, you get the idea; those wheels AKA rotational parts just got way lighter, and that's dope as hell. Aside from these, a few other changes like grips and bars complete his new setup. With so much weight out the window, can't wait to see Jeremy link those fakie manuals to double barspins like it's nothing. Peep more photos and a full specs list below.


Frame: The Rise Partymaster V2 - BMX Spacing
Fork: Altruiste Bikes 613
Headset: Cane Creek 44
Stem: United Front Load
Bars: NS District
Grips: ODI Vans grip
Seat: TSB Pivotal
Cranks: Eclat Onyx 165mm
Sprocket: TSB 23t with Guard
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Bottom Bracket: Eclat
Chain: TSB Half Link
Front hub: Salt
Rear Hub: Cult Cassette
Rims: Ruffbikeco Can Rims
Front Tire: Maxxis DTH
Rear Tire: Fiction Atlas

June 29, 2022

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