When it comes to consistency over the years, a rider like James Barton is hard to beat. Not only does he absolutely kill it on any bike he touches, but the Ontarian rider has been releasing countless videos over the years and he always delivers. The first videos I saw of him was on a BMX bikes about 10 years ago, and after digging a little deeper, seems like he started riding trial bikes back when Cycles Simtra were around. He then dabbled between trials, BMX, Street, Dirt jumping and Enduro riding in his very own way.

His approach is pretty simple; he goes on solo rides and films it all, and there's a lot of hidden gems in his videos, especially when he mixes that occasional barspin with the trial tricks. As of lately, his riding sure brings back a Ryan Leech slash Jeff Lenosky feeling from the 2000s and that's a beautiful thing. Make sure to show the dude some love and Subscribe to James Barton on Youtube, you won't be disappointed!
June 07, 2022

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