Walter Mayerhofer and Tom Kilcoyne decided it’s time to go for a bike trip again as it has been a while due to obvious reasons. The destination fell on Gran Canaria as some of the guys have been there before and it was cheap and easy to travel there, plus the weather is perfect during winter time. The spots there are simply amazing and the Island has a beautiful landscape worth exploring.

 They managed to get the German power couple Niklas Tilk and Tim Begahs on board, so the missing piece in the puzzle was our Canary local Fran Luis and he obviously did not hesitate to book his ferry from his home island Tenerife to join us in Gran Canaria.

The Trip caught more and more momentum and at the end more and more people kept joining, both from the Canary Islands and from Austria, we accumulated an astonishing 14 people strong crew.

We primarily went on this trip to get some vacation time in and to catch up again after all this time. There was no real plan for a Video but as we have been such a big crew the motivation took over we managed to cook up a little trip video from our 8 day stay.

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March 10, 2022

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