I've known Jordane for a couple years now, and aside from being one of the most down to earth dudes out there, he progresses so fast on the bike and makes everything look so easy. There is no situation that seems too complicated or too boring for this man. He's been riding for Verde through Ten Pack for about a year now and the word is out that he's now getting support from demolition, so there was no better time than now to see what he's up to. Hit the Read More link to jump to the interview.
Name: Jordane Dubois
Date of birth: march 29, 1993
Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Current location: Montreal, (T-town) for the locals!
Years riding: 5
Sponsors: TenPack / Verde, Demolition, D-Structure & The Rise

Q: Let’s start off with a little introduction. Explain who you are in a sentence or two.
A: I'm a 19 years old guy who tries to deal with his BMX life and succeeding at School in mechanical engineering. Other than that I just wanna have as much fun as I can!
Q: How did your passion for BMX start at first?
A: I just remember watching the X-Games and being stoked about this sport so one day me and a friend decided to steal an old bmx and we started riding haha!
Q: What is your bike setup right now and is there anything particular about it?
A: I got an awesome dark blue bike right now, I like to ride my bike 20.75 and 13.5 slammed. Ive also put a race on my fork that has an integrated one cauz it's way more clean.
Q: Who are your regular riding buddies these days?
A: The Rise bitches! And my friends from Imported.

Q: What are your inspirations when it comes to bike riding?
A: I think I don't have to say that every time I see a Garrett Reynolds edit I just wanna take my bike and go ride!
Q: From what I’ve seen, your bikes are always pretty beat up. Do you even fix them sometimes or just ride them till they break?
A: Ahhh man! Don't even talk to me about it! I'm always fixing my bike but grinding and spinning is definitely not good for a bike!
Q: You've been on the Verde team for about a year now and you recently got added to the Demolition team, how is everything going for you with the sponsors lately?
A: Im living a dream right now, my new bike is just perfect, so it feels good. Im just proud to ride for a big company like Demolition and I just wish I get the chance to do some trips and maybe meet the awesome team.
Q: If you could be sponsored by any non-BMX brand of your choice, what would it be and why?
A: Arizona drinks because it tastes so freakin good! And it comes in big cans, perfect drink to ride with.
Q: What stuff do you like to ride the most?
A: long ass ledges!

Q: What’s your favorite meal and why?
A: The poutine at poutineville, because the poutine is the combination of the three most awesome things in the world.
Q: What do you think about the BMX scene in Montreal?
A: Things slowed down when Presence was over I guess, but I think it's getting better and better, we got a bunch of classic spots in Montreal that brings BMX teams to visit us every year.
Q: If you could change anything in BMX right now, what would it be?
A: I would like the BMX scene to be as big as the baseball or the hockey scene, that way I could live of BMX and have ridiculous park in Quebec.
Q: How do you manage to survive during winter when everything is covered by 3ft of snow?
A: I might build a snow bike next winter. I'm also trying to change the ramps at TAZ (Montreal's indoor park) that way it's gonna be less boring next winter.

Q: Let’s say you’re given unlimited budget for one week, what would you do with that?
A: I would buy Ferraries to all my friends to go somewhere and ride and give them free drinks all day all night! Party as much as I can, I would probably be dead at the end of this week!
Q: Do you have any trips planned in the near future?
A: I went to Winnipeg with the Ten Pack team and it was crazy I just cant wait for the next one. As for this winter, I don't know yet, I’ve been thinking of a few things like The Rise's annual Rays MTB trip or just going somewhere South.
Q: Where do you think life is going to take you in the upcoming years?
A: We never know bro! I just want to keep my friends, have fun, and maybe travel more!
Q: Anything else you would like to add?
A: I would like to thank The Rise to be awesome guys especially Michel Plonka! I would like to thank Harley at Ten Pack to be the best TM in the world! And the guys at D-structure.
All pictures by Mikael Cardin.
October 12, 2012

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