12036056_10154721139981393_2036600559_n (1) Our homies from Business BMX recently went on a trip to Toronto and Montreal so we shared our roof with them for a few days. It caught my eye that Ian Fleming had a really interesting looking photo camera with 4 objectives. After questionning him about it, it appeared that he bought it at Value Village for 15$ and it was a Nishika N8000; basically a 35mm camera made for shooting lenticular photos. The above effect can be somewhat achieved simply by making gif images in photoshop. Peep the one above shot while we were chilling at TRHQ and make sure to check out Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 over on Northern Embassy. You will then be able to switch between the StereoGIFs by using the small arrows on the side of the picture.
April 05, 2016

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