Fran Luis and Walter have been working on a little mixtape over the last year. Their first attempt of filming together at the beginning of the year got cut sort due to Covid hitting Tenerife. Walter had to fly back to Barcelona as the island was shutting down everything including flights, as a result the guys released a shorter video as there was no way of continuing filming during the pandemic.


Over the year, the guys stayed in touch and during summer it seemed like Covid cases went down so as Spain lifted some rules on the lockdown. The guys had to act fast, so Fran got in touch with X Cobra to pitch them an idea of a road trip through Spain. Needless to say that they where on board, so they flew out Fran to meet with Walter in Barcelona! Wasting no time, the guys got a rental car and hit the road. First stop was Madrid and surrounding areas where the guys found a couple unique spots including a huge Ditch in shape of a perfect half pipe.


After a couple days in Madrid, it was time to hit the road again and they cruised down to Malaga where the spot gods blessed the guys again with a visit to an abandoned villa with a bunch of crazy spots inside. Malaga has an endless amount of spots so they stayed a week there to take in the whole city.

As Fran got back in the driver seat, they started to head back towards Barcelona but first, they made a quick stop in Valencia to meet up with Ramon and some amazing locals to explore the city. Once the boys where back in Barcelona, Fran stayed for another month before flying back home which left them plenty of time to wrap up the video.

"This video is one of the best things I ever done, one month in Barcelona riding best spots with one week on the road finding more and more spots. After that Walter came home, to my island and we rode almost every spot here, some enduro trails and so many good times on the mountains or beach… This is something I hope to repeat again soon, one of the best experiences and the best video I ever work to be. Thanks The rise and X-cobra to make it happen!"

-Fran Luis

"Huge thanks to everyone involved! It was a pleasure to ride with everyone and to meet new friends along the way. Thanks to all the locals helping us finding spots or letting us stay over night! Special thanks to Fran for driving like a boss fueled by energy drinks! Mucho love till the next trip!"

-Walter Mayerhofer

February 17, 2021

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