Vince just sent me this update on his road trip across the northeast US and A, he also sent me a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Trip update 1

Friday early morning, Walter and I left Montreal to meet Clinton in Burlington, Vermont for the first week of a long trip. It took 45 minutes to cross the border because it was Walter’s first time in the US and A and he had to do all kind of weird paperwork.

We met with Clinton at the Burlington bus station then went to the Stowe dirt jumps. It was unridable as it had been raining for a couple of hours.

We went to Knights from private park in St Johnsbury, Vermont. It was a super small park but we had a blast as the park was well designed. Walter did a wallride to footjam, Clinton flipped, barspinned and did many other sick tricks over the box jump and the spox. Dave Smutok came to meet us at the park and we rode with him.

After the jam session, we went to Highland Mountain bike park in New Hampshire and had a funny reception with what we tought was a beaver but got to be a porcupine. The following morning, we worked on the jump as the rain from the previous day completly destroyed the lips and landings of the jumps. Smutok worked on the landing of the step-up jump so Walter and Clinton could session it. Clinton and Walter both 360’ed it and whipped it but nothing too crazy went on there.

Sunday morning we left Highland early so we could ride Rob’s trails. On our way there, we hit something and a part of the truck’s tire broke. We then had to pull out in a sketchy town where we saw a guy buying a blunt paper with a penny and putting the last 25 cents on his credit card. We got towed to Nashua to get a new set of tires. We finally got to the dirt jumps and I was super stoked. I always wanted to ride real trails and i finally got to ride some. Walter and Clinton were as stoked as me because we wanted so much to ride some nice jumps and did not have the chance to ride some before now for different factors. We are coming back later this week to film but we took some photos.

Right now, we are driving to Clinton’s house in Cape Cod, Massachussets and we will spend a week there chilling at the beach and riding his sweet backyard.

June 02, 2009

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