So Im back from a fun ride at southparc and when I got there I kinda took my hood off and putted it on a sort of barrier on the middle of the park. Then, when it was time for me to leave as the park was closing, what a surprise! My "not so good looking with no resell value" hoody dissapeared! I was quite confused, since the shirt was reall comfy but too ugly looking to be stolen.. So I asked the staff if they took it by mistake or somethin'.. then took a look in the "lost items" box.. But my Zip up shirt wasnt there.. Then im like: " maybe im just fricken' stupid and its just waiting for me in my car! But it was not.. So If anyone reads this and took my hoody by mistake, let me know, I wont be mad. BUT, if you stole it for fun or something, your are a F*CKIN doucebag.

Anyways, as posting something like this isnt really interesting to read, click this link to watch an incredible trails video

April 06, 2009

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