This year's interbike went down last week, and fortunately enough we were in Las Vegas that week so we snapped a bunch of photos to share with you. This is not a complete coverage of the event, but focuses on the nicest new stuff we saw there. Hit the Read More link for more!This is Fairdale, Taj Mihelich's new commuter/fixed gear company. They offer completes, frames and forks. I only took a picture of this particular one because the skateboard rack is great idea! Here's Brandon Semenuk's slopestyle weapon, looking super fresh with a nice custom paintjob, we will probably see this thing on a lot of podium in 2013. On the left, we have the new Sr Suntour Duro dirt jump fork, available in 80mm and 100mm and comes in black. I don't know much people that run this fork but it's definitely something to consider for the dirt jumper out there. On the right, it's a Rock Shox Argyle, comes in either 80mm, 100mm or 140mm. Available in Black, White, Diffusion Black & Toxic Moss Green and weights in at 2016 grams. New camo Profile Racing sprocket, simple design with a lot of details, using a spline drive system. Profile isn't the most innovative brand out there but their products are always on point. They also have a bunch of sweet colors for their classic race cranks. Here's a little display showing the fabrication process of the new Shadow chain. Still keeping their classical half link idea, they are now using a forged manufacturing process making it stronger than ever. Those are the new Stolen seatposts. Both two on the left have a bunch of marks on them, either to remind you of the height you like your seat to be if you have to take it off, or to make it easier to cut shorter. The ones on the right are simply made of plastic, making them super light. This is the new Tioga pedal. By eliminating the standard axle and using only one bigger bearing, they found an alternative to pretty much create the thinest pedal out there. Not too sure how strong this is but definitely an innovative idea! This is the Kink prototype pedal. Some infos about it were already online for a while now so it was nice to see it in person. Probably the simpliest pedal I've ever seen: No bearings, only a body, an axle and 3 spacers. The bodies are designed to fit on both left and right side, making it simple to replace if needed. You can screw it in with either a 6mm allen key or a 3/8'' ratchet. The only problem I can see with those is the risk of losing some parts if you take them off your bike to travel, but that's a minor concern. And to finish, a little piece of history. Back in the days, Matt Hoffman rode a vert ramp with this custom motorized BMX, and this same frame was there for everybody to see at Interbike. Matt Hoffman is the man.
September 26, 2012

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