Sorry again for the lack of updates, but heres a few puctures of what weve been up to in austria. We rode a skatepark half an hour away from Salzburg with sick bowls and a street section the other day, an indoor park in Linz wich was amazing, a bit at Walters local park under a brigde and very few street. The weather hasnt been too good so far in austria but we still manage to ride alot. We spent 2 days in Vienna and we rode an awesome ditch on the way there, some snakerun full of 4 years old kids on scooters, another good concrete park and on the way back we stopped somewhere close to Linz at sick trails for an hour or so, but we will definitly go back this week. We will next be heading to barcelona but we dont know when still, we are checking for plane tickets at the moments but the whole plane thing is a bit fucked up because of the volcano thing that you probably heard of so its hard to say. Hit the read more link for a few pics!

heres Daniel, a local from the trails doing a 360 table like it was nothing
April 19, 2010

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