I just got word from the doberdudes that Kyle Strait will be representing dobermannbikes for the 2010 season! Kyle is a great addition to the team and he is really motivated for the next season. Heres what Kyle had to say about it:

I was in bad terms with specialized for almost a year now because they definitly dont represent america the way I wanted to, plus I realised that I live for the streets, not the mountains (see picture above). I have been attending every slopestyle contest this year only to fill my sponsor obligations but I spent most of the year riding street in Brooklyn. Blackman and Nigel were kind enough to show me around. I had a couple meetings with specialized to try to reunite our spirits but i had to leave just as I entered, every time. I dont even see how its possible to speak with people who dont drink budlight these days...?!? So after a while I decided that riding for a non-american street oriented company was perfect for me as I feel much smarter when surrounded by non-americans.

Wencome on board Kyle! .

April 01, 2009

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