Ok I know the post below is about this too but whatever, im just so stoked Dillon made its way to such a legit bmx co. as Macneil is. I copy pasted this from the Macneil website to make this post a lil longer :

''MacNeil is happy to welcome Dillon Lloyd to the Team. Dillon is a 16 year old rider from Montreal Canada who shreds. A big thanks to Jeremy Deme from Presence Films for letting us be the first to post this web video. Dillon is down with Jeremy. So look for more web videos like this coming up in the future. Also look for Dillon’s team page that going up in the next few weeks. Dillon doesn’t even have a MacNeil yet but there’s an all black Bibi coming his way next week. So look for a bike check too.''

Watching Dillon ride is always an inspiration since everytime you see him your just like ... WOW! Such a natural style and talent. That being said, congrats boy!!

April 02, 2009

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