Stephane in action

Michel flying to hell

Jeremy keeepin' it real for Italy

Louis footjamin' with no foot..... BROTAH!

Yiop so im in Brooklyn right now, I got here on thursday night and its pretty cool. Today we (Vincent, Stéphane, Louis, Jeremy, Walter and I ) sessionned a skatepark close to our hotel in Brooklyn, its a concrete park with 2 bowls and some other cool stuff. It was way too hot outside but the Arisona one dollar drinks saved our lives and made us able to shoot some quick photos. After that we ate and headed to the brooklyn banks to meet the other thrashbike riders. I cant tell much about the ride that went on since Louis and I lost the group in the street due to some red lights. But I heard Matt White broke his chain and the ride wasnt too great. Louis and I got lost and we did a big ride around New York and we randomly arrived close to the brooklyn banks so we went to ride them since we had nothin else to do and what a surprise, and everyone was there. So that being said, right now Stephane, Jeremy and I are on the roof of the hotel with beer and laptops and food and nice weather, its really fun. I posted a couple pics we took at the park this morning.
June 13, 2009

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