Street wizard Tom Kilcoyne just built up this beast and as simple as it might look, every single part on this build is there for a reason. I don't want to spoil it all for you, so keep on reading for all the specs and details explained by the man himself.

“A quick word on my setup, it´s dialed to be honest, I´ve been riding a long time now so I know how I like my bike. Everything is pretty robust and solid. I went for a black murdered out setup this time, it is the first time in a while I haven´t had a raw frame and I like the change, can´t go wrong with all black.

Favourite things about the bike; would be for sure the frame, it´s strong, the geo is comfy, you can run the rear wheel completely slammed and it has nice bit of space up front so it doesn´t feel too tight. The fork is an absolute dream, getting a strong reliable rigid fork is pretty hard but the 613 fork from Altruiste is all those things, I love the beefed up tubing so it looks in proportion to the rest of the bike and it also has reinforcement inside the steerer tube, couldn´t be happier with that. The Em. J grips from Senus are also unreal, I hope I never have to use another grip, it was nice how that one came about with Emil himself reaching out to me when they were a prototype to try them and thanks to Cam & Howie Zink for keeping me rolling with freshies since. The final thing I´m really particular with is the gear ratio and sprocket, I run 23t - 10t and it´s a dream for the backwards manuals and cab moves, but I think between myself and JJ we bought every last one of the season 23t bashguard sprokets and it´s pretty much impossible to find another one. (So anyone reading please please please make one).

Finally shout out to everyone who keeps me rolling and supports my riding, appreciate you all - The Rise, Altruiste, Pridestreet, Sensus Grips, WallerBMX, Evoc and Shadow riding gear.”

- Tom Kilcoyne - Barcelona, Spain


Frame: The Rise Partymaster V2
Fork: Altruiste 613 Rigid Fork
Headset: NS Bikes
Stem: Pridestreet Squad Stem
Bars: Pridestreet Profit 89mm (cut down)
Grips: Em. J Sensus Grips
Seat: The Rise Pivotal Seat
Seatpost: The Rise Pivotal Seat Post
Cranks: Pridestreet Stamina 165mm
Sprocket: Season 23t Bashguard
Pedals: Animal Rat trap
Chain: Cult
Rims: Dartmoor
Hubs: Pride Street Impusle / NS Rotary
Tires: Vittoria Tattoo 2.3

January 31, 2024

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