It's been a minute since Baby P didn't build up a new bike that looked exactly like his previous one, but somehow we are up for a treat today. In fact, Michel Plonka recently built himself a new Partymaster V2 and the thing looks hella tight! Fully decked out with parts from Lama Cycles, The Shadow Conspiracy & Demolition, his new machine is more than ready to hit the streets. Keep on reading for all the specs, more photos and a few words from the man himself about his new build.

For the past 6 years or so, I kept by bike as murdered out as possible, I don't know why, I just love how it looks and the simplicity of it. Now that it was time to build a new one, I kind of wanted to bring it back to an era where I had a raw clearcoated frame with a bunch of parts I had raw'd and clear coated, can't tell if it's a need for a change or nostalgia taking over, probably an equal mix of both. I went ahead and brushed the paint off my fork lowers and rims, and when time came to put the clear coat layer on, I felt like I needed to add something to it so I drew some stuff on with a sharpie. One might say it's not the nicest art piece in the world, but I love how spontaneous it was and made for a bike I'm really happy with.

For about 9 years I had the same rear hub which was a weird MTB LHB hub, I loved it but hated how the bolts stick so far out, a problem a female axle would easily solve so I opted for an LHD BMX hub. I also dropped the forks probably a bit too low, but the bike feels amazing and looks the same if you ask me!

- Michel Plonka


Frame: The Rise Partymaster V2 - BMX Spacing
Fork: Rockshox Pike DJ
Headset: First DS ZS44/EC44 Tapered Headset
Stem: Éclat Boxer
Bars: NS District
Grips:Animal Edwin
Seat: The Rise Pivotal Seat
Seatpost: The Rise Pivotal Seat Post
Cranks: Shadow Conspiracy Finest 175mm
Sprocket: Subrosa Barcelona 25T
Pedals: Animal Rat Trap
Chain:Octane One Half Link Pro
Front Wheel: Industry 9 rim - Profile Racing hub
Rear Wheel: MTX 31 Rim - BSD hub
Tires: Demolition Momentum 26
Bar Ends: Odyssey Par Ends



November 21, 2023

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