We’ve now been selling Partymaster frames for about 2 years, and we’re extremely proud to see orders coming in from all over the world! Peep this fresh built put together by PSBMX rider Joey Van Den Berg over in the Netherlands. We’ve said it before and will say it again; a Partymaster equipped with Industry Nine wheels is pretty much the best setup one could ask for. Check out photos of Joey’s build below along with a few words from the man himself about his setup. The dude seems stoked, and that get us stoked too!

“After dreaming for a year, I finally managed to finish the dream-build. This is definitly the best bike I ever had! Could’t think about a better combination between the Partymaster frame and the blue Industry Nine wheels. The bike came out very light aswel which makes me stoked. Thanks for designing such a killer frame! Also thanks Aidan Horn for helping me out every now and then.”
– Joey Van Den Berg


Frame: The Rise Partymaster
Fork: Manitou Circus Expert
Handlebars: Octane one
Stem: NS Bikes Quark
Headset: Contec
Cranks: Rant Bangin’ Cranks
BB: The Shadow Conspiracy
Pedals: Rant Hella
Chain: Shadow Supreme
Sprocket: Pride Street Imperial
Tires: Khe Mac 2 MTB Park Tires
Wheels: Industry Nine Torch Enduro
Seat: BSD Fat Seat Kevlar
Seatpost: Octane One
Grips: ODI Longneck Soft
Extra: The Rise Top Cap

March 12, 2018

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