While filming the Barcelona Days 6 video in Spain, the boys met up with French rider Alexis Roussel for a few sessions. It was clear from the start that the dude really shreds, is motivated and has a very positive attitude which is exactly what we need in this world. Long story short, we’re soo excited to see him on our Partymaster now and have him join the flow squad and he was hyped! I could go on and explain the whole story behind his absolutely beautiful and unique custom paintjob, but what better person to tell you all about it than the man himself? Keep on reading for the full story behind his build and loads of photos showcasing the details and hard work that makes his bike an absolute piece of art.

Photos by Nicolas Ottoz (@pics_pen)

Paintjob by Yann Design (@yann.designmtb)


After 2 years and 3 collaborations with Yann Design, we both came to the same conclusion; the street is putting its paintings to the test. That's why we came up with this idea: "you can't ruin a painting if it already looks like a ruined painting".

So we set out to make this bike look both new and weathered. To do this Yann worked with metallic and mother of pearl, which allowed him to obtain a shiny finish and not just imitate wear.

The base has 7 colours to give the basic colour of the frame. The decoration is made up of three blues, one gold, one green, one violet, two whites, black and beige. Everything is done by hand, using an aero. It took several days and many hours of work and experience to achieve such a result, not to mention the number of hours spent on the phone discussing the project.

As for the drawings on the frame, they are either cultural references or personal highlights, such as the mythical Barcelona flower, symbol of my meeting with the guys in the team!

Alexis Roussel - Grenoble, France



Frame: The Rise Partymaster V2 - MTB Spacing
Fork: Rockshox Pike DJ
Headset: BBB
Stem: Spank Split 35 - 35mm
Bars: Renthal Fatbar 35 - 40mm
Grips: Demolition Axes
Seat: Odyssey Broc Raiford
Cranks: BSD 175mm
Sprocket: BSD Barrier 28T
Pedals: Eclat Centric
Bottom Bracket: BSD 22 mm
Chain: BSD Forever
Front Hub: Hope Pro Il
Rear Hub: NS Bike Rotary Freecoaster 9T
Rims: Halo Chaos 32H
Tires: Maxxis DTH 26x2.15

September 07, 2022

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