I remember days when the 26" street tire options were so limited that we would spend hours digging throught the local bikeshop's catalogs in hopes of finding the perfect tire. There was no such thing as a good looking, strong, lightweight tire that was slick enough to ride the streets, but grippy enough to hit some jumps. Over the years, we've seen and tried a whole bunch of different tires and today, I'm happy to say that there's plenty of 26" Street Tires to choose from in freestyle mountain biking. We've been recieving a lot of questions about what tires we use so I decided to make a post about it. I have gathered informations from my own experiences and from fellow riders in an attempt to share with you what I believe are the best 26" street and park tires available. The point here isn't to find out the absolute best tire, but to give you the pros and cons of each tire. So here we go, in no particular order:

Kenda Komfort 26 X 1.95″

You're probably thinking this is nothing but a cheap commuter tire, and you are right. I first discovered the Komforts years ago when looking through my local bikeshop's tires. I had just wrecked my tire, and I was desperate to find something I could use for the rest of the day. Little did I know that I would end up running Komforts for a long time after that. To this day, a bunch of Montreal riders still ride them, and Jeremy Menduni stopped using them about 2 years ago for no particular reason. At 1.95", they are the skinniest tires I've tried but trust me, they are pretty good for any technical street/park rider.

Max. Pressure: 65 PSI

Weight: 690 grams

Price: Below 20$

Buy Kenda Komfort Tire Here

Kenda K-Rad 26 X 2.3″

The Kenda K-Rad is the first pair of decent tires I bought. I remember putting them on my bike and then trying them and that was it. I mean, I could carve the streets like I would've never imagined before and still had awesome grip on the dirt, thanks to the simplicity of their genius design. They have been around forever and still hold their ground. I've heard a lot of people say bad stuff about the K-Rad, but I still believe it's an awesome tire for anyone riding equal amounts of street, park and dirt. The most popular size is 2.3" which is perfect but it also comes in 1.95", 2.215" and 2.5", and it's now available in Wire and Folding Bead versions.

Max. Pressure: 80 PSI

Weight: 760 Grams (26X2.3)

Price: Around 25$

Buy Kenda K-Rad Tire Here

Kenda NPJ/Kranium 26 X 2.1″

The Kenda NPJ is one of my top-3 favorite street tires. They are the first foldable tires I've tried and I was really impressed by how stiff they felt. They gripped pretty good on clean concrete and dirt. The compound was so hard on them that they would last forever, but this also means that they were a bit slippery as soon as there was some sand on the ground. To be honest with you, I would probably still ride them today if I didn't get my bike stolen and they weren't so hard to find! At first, they were called the NPJ, then the name changed to Kranium and right around that time, they became almost impossible to find which is really unfortunate. If you know any places that still have them in stock, please let me know in the comments!

Max. Pressure: 65 PSI

Weight: 665 grams

Price: Around 40$

Buy Kenda Komfort Tire Here

Maxxis DTH 26 X 2.15

To make it simple, I believe the Maxxis DTH is as close as it gets from the perfect street/dirt tire. It is made of soft rubber that gives it tons of grip on street and park while doing just fine on dirt. From what I've seen, the DTH is currently one of the most popular tires among street and dirt riders in North America. It comes in all black or with tan walls, 2.15" and 2.3", wire or foldable and is definitely worth it's price. Aside from the walls that could be a little thicker, there's absolutely nothing bad to say about this tire.

Max. Pressure: 80 PSI

Weight: 550 grams

Price: Around 35$

Buy Maxxis DTH Tire Here

Resist Nomad 26 X 2.25″

Since Resist is a FGFS brand owned by Volume/Demolition BMX, the Resist Nomad is the 26" version of the Demolition Momentum BMX tire. This tire is available for around 2 years now, and it's the best thing that could happen to Street MTB. Brian Castillo was kind enough to send a box our way last year and since I've put them on my bike, I feel like I can ride bowls twice as fast as before! At first, I was sceptical about riding a tire this wide, but their smoothness and grip convinced me in a matter of seconds. They're obviously not ideal for riding dirt, but I took them to the trails a couple times and if your jumps are packed enough, they do a pretty good job! The walls are super solid and you can choose either black or tan walls. Trust me, these tires are insanely good.

Max. Pressure: 80 PSI

Weight: 754 Grams

Price: Around 35$

View on Jensonusa

Tioga FS100 26 X 2.1″

The Tioga FS100 was really popular around 5 years ago. Their versatile pattern makes them an interesting choice for any rider street, park and dirt. The Tioga website states they are available in 1.95", 2.1" and 2.3" but they are pretty hard to find these days. They have a really solid sidewall and a wide thread which makes them grip pretty good. The Tioga website doesn't give out much information, but another site states these can take 100 psi (correct me if i'm wrong).

Max. Pressure: 100 psi

Weight: 810 grams

Price: around 30$

View on Amazon

KHE Mac 2 26 X 2.1″

KHE is a German BMX brand that released the first foldable BMX tire and shortly afer, they introduced the 26" versions. Offered in both Park or Dirt version, the Mac 2 tire can be inflated to a maximum of 120 psi and is one of the lightest tires money can buy. The Park version is pretty sick, but from what I've seen and heard, they tend to go flat pretty easily. It makes them a good choice for smooth park riding, but be careful for nails and glass if you use them on the streets. If you plan on getting these tires, you definitely want to go with the Dirt version.

Max. Pressure: 120 PSI

Weight: 530 Grams

Price: Around 65$

View on 26Bikes

Tioga Powerblock 26 X 2.1″

If you want a slick, light and reliable tire, the Tioga Powerblock is a really good option. It compares to the KHE Mac 2, but it won't give you as many flat tires. Aidan Horn has been riding those for 13 months now and they're still good to go. They are light, thin, won't blow off your rim, and have a good grip on pretty much any surface. This tire is ideal for Park riding but can hold up just fine on the streets.

Max. Pressure: 65 PSI

Weight: 530 Grams

Price: Around 55$

View on JensonUSA

Once again, these tires are ranked in no particular order. As we get a lot of questions about Street MTB Tires, I decided to make a thread to share my opinion and use as future reference. If you have tried any of these tires and would like to share your experience, let us know what you think in the comments!
September 29, 2015



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