Our exclusive content is usually about us and what we're up to, but this post is 100% about you. A lot of you share stuff with us via instagram by simply using the #therisedotcom hashtag in your descriptions so I decided to pick some of my favourite pirctures published with the said hashtag and make a post about them. In other words, this is simply a post with pictures from our readers in no particular order. Also make sure you follow us on instagram and use #therisedotcom to share your stuff with us. Hit the Read More link to see the pictures and maybe even one of yours.

@camsnow_ with a fresh looking whip

@madvillain_doom filming for a Christmas edit with his The Rise shirt on

@fraserqrice with a sweet euro table

@rideaabike after a session on this street spot

@forbespearce invert

@tothveli and his boys chillin' really hard

@stuntgg on a trip to Spain with the homie Charlie

@cuzkell reppin' with the stickered up phone case

@wrenndaniel footjam whippin'

@laurenzjp with a downside whip

@jdmstanky jumping over a pimped out Cube car.

Part 2 will follow sometime soon, and if there's enough material we are going to do one with instavideos too. In the meanwhile, get out there, ride bikes, party, have fun and feel free to share your activities with us via #therisedotcom !
January 25, 2014

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