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 Words by Jeremy Menduni

I have been fortunate to have visited Barcelona numerous times and I am blown away that each time I am still discovering new spots and meeting new people. This is a series of Barcelona spots that I came across and rode on my last trip.

Barcelona spots

This spot is situated right beside the famous sea walls and every time I visit BCN, I look forward to getting a session on these. Unfortunately, there was an unpleasant surprise in finding every ledge capped. I am sure it won’t be long before someone gets to uncapping them.

photovoltaic pergola

This is the photovoltaic pergola; one of the largest solar power plants in Spain. These solar panels are so big, they are one of the first things you can spot from the plane when flying into BCN. They look even bigger from the ground.

Barcelona Skate Spots

One of many beautiful Spanish architectural sights you can find while biking from spot to spot!

barcelona bmx spots

Who remembers Chad Kerley nose manualing this thing in the Markit DVD? I rode down it and the speed you pick up as you go down the ledge is insane. Seeing these spots in person just makes you appreciate the tricks you see in videos even more.

best barcelona spots

Out of all the trips to BCN, this is a spot where I have ended up spending a majority of my time. Barcelona definitely has a pretty large homeless population and this spot is close to where a number of them have set up camp. 

paral-lel barcelona

Paral-lel is the perfect spot to start or end your session. Filled with colourful graffiti, you are guaranteed to come across riders. With the amount of people riding this place daily, it is amazing to see the creativity from all the locals coming up with new lines. 

macba barcelona

Macba Museum is a spot that many people go to BCN for specifically. The amount of bangers thrown down this big block stair set is insane and it will be interesting to see what gets pulled on it in the future.

w hotel barcelona

The W Hotel is the perfect chill spot. You can find these ledges/banks right by the beach. Although they are capped, these things slide so good and the fact that there are multiple make it easy to link up lines together.

barcelona bmx spot

Did you know that many of the spots you see in Barcelona videos are not actually in Barcelona? Many of the locals spend a lot of time in neighboring cities exploring the streets for new spots. Getting out of the city center normally means less people which can make spots way more fun and easier to ride. This one is in the middle of an apartment square in Badalona.

barcelona spots

I am always blown away by the spots that we “skip” while in Barcelona. Back home, some of these spots would be the best ones in the city but in Barcelona, there are just so many good spots to ride that you can’t afford to waste time with the mediocre ones. That being said, I am glad we stopped at this one because I was able to put a little line together on it.

bcn spots

Here is another example of a wild spot just outside of Barcelona. Do not ask me why they built these perfect banks in the middle of nowhere but I sure am glad they did!

If you had any doubts about going to Barcelona, hopefully these pictures cleared that up for you. Gather your good homies and book a flight to ride some of the best street spots in the world and enjoy the beautiful Barcelona!

April 19, 2022

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