Today we are very excited to release the 2nd part of "Barcelona Days" featuring Walter Mayerhofer, Aidan Horn, Pavel Alekhin and Jeremy Menduni. For the first segment of the video, the crew rides the streets of Barcelona at night..........CONTINUE READING
Walter was working days during the week so they all met up later in the evening to ride, which worked out perfectly since there was no pedestrians or security to worry about.

The following part is one night session just outside of Barcelona at the Mollet skatepark.

And finally the last 4 minutes of the video are all the street clips filmed during the day.

Once again huge shoutout to anyone who helped us out. Ale, Charlie and Lucas, you guys are the best for always taking us in every winter! In case you haven't watched part 1 yet, Watch It Here.

The Barcelona Landscape

Footjam by Jeremy Menduni

Jeremy and Aidan chillin'

Aidan Horn with an opposite footjam

The boys at the black banks spot

Walter Mayerhofer with a wheel jam / brakeless abubaca

Aidan's hand after a bad crash

Food spot at Ale's place

Jeremy Menduni - Rail Manual

The city hiding a million spots
March 31, 2015

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