All bikers have one thing in common: they all dread the winter season. As many others, our winters consist of very cold temperatures and way too much snow. We are left with only riding indoor parks, underground parking lots or whatever else we can find with no snow. To get a little break from winter, we take a trip to Barcelona every winter. With no shortage of street spots and La Poma Bike Park, Barcelona is the perfect place for our crew... CONTINUE READING

This year the crew split up and visited BCN at different times so we decided to make a serie which will have a few different videos showcasing each part of the winter.

The first part features Jeremy Menduni and Aidan Horn who met up with Walter Mayerhofer, Pavel Alekhin and all the other BCN homies. They rode La Poma and the Sitges abandoned waterpark.

Big shoutout to CP GANG, VVC Force, Alejandro, Charlie, Lucas and everyone we met!

Check out a bunch of pictures from the guys as they were filming for this video:

The abandoned bar in Sitges

Abandoned waterslides in Sitges

Aidan Horn - Barspin to Skinny

Aidan Horn - Truck Drop

Walter Mayerhofer - Suicide No Hander

Walter Mayerhofer - Wallride

Aidan Horn Showing you the size of the jumps at La Poma

Walter and Aidan putting in WORK

The Crew Chillin' Hard

Video, Words and Photos by Jeremy Menduni. Stay tuned for Part 2 !
March 17, 2015

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