Damn, why does time go by so fast? Just like every year when it's time to write this post, I feel like spring was yesterday, but the truth is it's already time to look back at what happened this year, and learn from it to make 2015 even better! Before we even start with this, I want to take a minute to thank everyone that is reading this right now, everyone that watches our stuff and everyone that supports us! It's so crazy to think that we've been doing this for what, like 6 years now? How did a bunch of idiots like ourselves managed to build this "thing" called The Rise by simply sharing our love for biking with the world? I don't know, but I am more than honored to be on this journey with all the homies that have became a real family. This being said, here is a recap of the best stuff we released in 2014 in no particular order:

First, we released 3 new episodes of our Unexpected Thursday Serie, which bring the count to 38:

UT 36: This one was released in February and recently crossed the 100K views!
UT 37: Mash up of footage from the beautiful Barcelona
UT 38: Dope street riding filmed around Montreal

Next, Matt Macduff released 2 episodes of his new Review Bazooka serie which is seriously hilarious:

Episode 1 Episode 2

One of the highlights of the year for Montreal was to have the Mud Rocker dirt jump competition right in the middle of downtown, and having Matt take the win was even better:

Mud Rocker Coverage

And here are some other videos that we released:

The Rise GoPro Daze: Mash up of GoPro footage filmed in Montreal
John New WinterWub: John New shredding his local indoor park
Walter Mayerhofer Mobbin' in BCN: Walter doing his thing in Spain
Matt Macduff Feat. Midnight Malice: Matt riding in a Metal music video at Joyride
Black on Black Shirt Promo: Louis Lhomel and Samuel Croteau riding the streets
Aidan Horn Welcome Edit: Aidan's Welcome to the team video, which was absolutely ridiculous!!

And last but not least, we managed to come up with a 13-minute video of our Roadtrip out east, this trip was seriously so much fun:

The Rise Beastin' Roadtrip

When it comes to injuries, this year was pretty bad. Plonka was recovering from knee surgery all year, Sam Croots recently fractured his leg at 3 places while riding dirt, Louis Lhomel had a fucked up ankle that ain't getting any better and Matt Macduff fractured his wrist earlier this year. Hopefully the boys heal up good during the winter and stay healthy in 2015 !

This sums it up pretty good, but I can't forget to talk about another thing that happened this year: Project Breathe Easy

If you haven't bought it yet, DO IT NOW!. I said it before and I will say it again, this project is insane. Matt dedicated so much time, money and efforts to make this one possible, all in hope of raising some money to fight a disease his little sister is suffering from. The riding is insane, the course is insane and it's all for a good cause, how much better can it get?

So once again, thanks to everyone for the support and see you next year! Big things coming so stay tuned!
January 02, 2015

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