The savior has arrived. It's not everyday that a video as solid as this one surfaces on the worldwide web. German rider Niklas Tilk spent a year traveling across europe and stacked some unbelievable clips all over the place, I had to stop counting the world first's because I simply ran out of fingers.

Niklas Tilk has been going extremely hard during the past few years and we had heard that he was cooking up a video, which trust me, did not dissapoint a single bit. Just as you get mind blown by his technical riding in the first part of the video, he then kicks in the second gear and starts sending them big boy tricks like he was born for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the bar has been raised. A true game changer for Freestyle MTB, thank you Niklas! Also worth having a second look at Niklas' previous video which appeared only 8 months ago, and the sequel did not dissapoint.

March 18, 2022

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