Aidan Horn just built up a fresh new bike and shot a bunch of photos to show us what his whip looks like at the moment. When a rider like Aidan runs certain parts, you know it must be for good reasons. After delivering an incredible Welcome to The Rise edit last fall, Aidan showed no sign of slowing down and killed it in our Barcelona Days video and kept riding like there's no tomorrow ever since. Let's have a look at his current setup: Frame: Beddo Neat 2015

Forks: Rockshox Argyle RCT 2015

Bars: NS Lick

Stem: Beddo Connector

Grips: Beddo/Animal barends

Headset: Beddo

Seat: Beddo Combo

Cranks/BB: Beddo Thrust/Odyssey Euro

Pedals: Premium Slim PC Sprocket: Kink Astro 30t

Chain: Some badass KMC one

Wheels: Industry9 - The Rise Collaboration

Tyres: Tioga Powerblock folding

Extras: Ti topcap/stem/seatclamp bolts. Innertube around my cranks/BB. Grip Tape on my cranks and cut flanges as always.

Weight: roughly 21.5lbs

"Thanks to Beddo and Industry9 for helping me put together the sickest bike ever, i'm so pumped on how solid it is. Also thanks to my guys at The Rise for the bikecheck." -Aidan Horn
July 08, 2015

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